Is it possible to agree on a planned purchase of a diamond today, which will in the medium to long term future provide the same buyer with profit/income? “Safe Havens” are being discussed more frequently, ie. asset materials not affected by the continuing decline in the financial market and which guarantee security for the customer both from a "physical" point of view (we talk about tangible and real property), and from the view of the reference market with trends of consolidated growth over the years. The main “Safe Havens” are the real estate market, precious metals (gold and silver overall) and diamonds. The diamond has always been considered the ultimate material expression of "objective beauty", as well as the hardest, most durable and precious element present in nature; a symbol of wealth, luxury and nobility. Today it is considered as one of the most forward-thinking business approaches with growth prospects in the global marketplace. In fact, it relates to a market where the average annual growth index is the only one to always be positive over the decades, regardless of the various economic / financial crisis and as well as being aesthetically more beautiful and more versatile than a stock certificate, various socio-political and economic upheaval.

Plan the purchase of one or more diamonds means relating to an international price list (RAPAPORT) that is updated every week, and fixing the values of the stones with respect to precise parameters, the following, famous "4Cs".

  • Carat (weight)
  • Cut
  • Clarity (purity)
  • Colour

Also of great importance are the certificates, which derive from real expert analysis carried out by gemmologists from international institutions, who are able to issue high quality expertise which has considerable influence on the final price of the stone (eg. GIA, HRD, IGI, CISGEM, IGL). In this general framework our company positions itself in the market with the aim of proposing, to interested customers, various types of acquisitions with different purposes (e.g. pension or purchase dry), in addition to the absolute quality of certified stones in question.


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