About Us

AdamaxGroup is a company founded in Spain, by two Italian entrepreneurs, in 2014. The mission is to operate in the luxury market using a business model based on innovative marketing strategies to place products successfully in Europe and in the world. The organisation focuses on the excellence of jewellery made in Italy. AdamaxGroup began its journey in the field of ‘medal design’ during the period 2014-2015, creating a collection of medals in gold as well as diamonds and gold. Already by the end of the first year of activity it was able to achieve two important results:

  • Received a license which was provided by the Vatican State for the production of the Jubilee of Mercy commemorative medals (www.medagliegiubileo.com)
  • Established a Partnership with SS Lazio for the production of a celebratory medal for the “From father to Son” Event held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

In the second year Adamax opened two new branches of business: the first of luxury gadgets (creating objects to measure in precious metals and stones on behalf of companies, artists, celebrities, club, professionals in various sectors), and the second the manufacturing of jewellery of magnitude (the creation of unique, high- end jewellery tailor-made for the customer). Within the first six months the latter developed into two further niches: traditional jewellery "production" and the creation of independent collections with its own brand "by Adamax"

In 2016 are created three lines of jewellery:

These two lines of jewellery have represented the flagship product for more than two years. The company while being relatively "young", is emerging in a sector that is as important as that of the luxury market, focusing on the technological innovation of design and on modern commercial strategies, without compromising on the skilled craftsmanship of goldsmith art in Italy, which has made over the course of decades, the Made in Italy trademark famous throughout the world to this day.